Our company was built around the Textile industry so we are familiar with practically every process related to the industry.  Our service has always been the repair of the electronics that operate in every function of the machines  from quality control to the main interfaces that control the machines.   We do offer sales and service of new and replacement parts as well as on-site technical support to our customers located within a 100 mile radius.   Below is a partial list of some of the major manufacturers and type of equipment we service:
Air Jet Spinning      Blending    Buliking    Drawing    Carding    Combing    Doubling     Extrusion     Knitting     Non-Woven     Open End Spinning   
Ring Spinning     Twisting    Weaving     Winding

Chenile     Guidici     Hacoba     Howa     IBCT    KnitMaster     Loepfe    Marzoli     Matrix     Murata     Ottko    Pai Lung    Picanol     Rieter     Sauer Allma    Savio     Sharer     Schlafhorst     SSM    Stahle     Suessen      Sulzer       Trutzschler      Uster     Zinser

Search our database to see our stock of replacement parts and controls.   If you do not find what you are looking for then please call us to see if we can provide you with some assistance in your search