At Industrial Electronics Co. we have an affinity for heavy manufacturing.  We like the machines that produce the machines, so we have taken a particular interest in the welding industry.  We repair welders primarily at the control level but we can handle the repair of the complete power sources and wire-feeders.  We have tried to limit our services to the repair of the Lincoln, Miller, and ESAB brands, however, we do repair some other makes and models.   Here is a partial list of the brands we repair and the type of equipment we repair:

ESAB    Hobart    Hypertherm    Lincoln   Linde   Miller  Oxo   Sanrex   Thermal Dynamics  Union Carbide MIG     TIG     Heli-Arc    Stick    GMAW     Plasma Cutter      High Frequency Starters

Search our database below to see a list of boards we repair and the repair cost.  Search our inventory database for replacement parts and controls.